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Catalog# Description Genre Availability
zxr00000001 Army of Urods and Zlaxyi Pidorasts 11 split album "Micropenis" (2xCDR) 3167 ltd.15 brutalcore sold out
zxr00000066 Vlazhnie Vatrushki album "Secrets Of The Trombonic Arts" (CDR) 3173 ltd.66 various sold out
zxr00000023 dj Basil mix "Sonor mortis" (CDR) 3173 ltd.23 dark psy trance sold out
zxr00000015 is3 CDEP "Husky" (MCD) 3174 ltd.15 idm sold out
zxr00000024 Orbital Theory CDEP "Forest Being" (MCD) 3174 ltd.24 psy trance sold out
zxr00000021 DMT CDEP "UnHappy Hardcore 2" (MCD) 3174 ltd.21 electro industrial sold out
zxr00000032 Uoki-Toki CDEP "Sex, Drugs & War Mars" (MCD) 3174 ltd.32 gameboy chiptune sold out
zxr00000088 Complex Numbers maxi-single "Last Ring" (CD) 3175 ltd.88 synthpop sold out
zxr00000016 The Machines CDEP "Records of 2005" (MCD) 3175 ltd.16 fusion sold out
zxr00000019 Drugkomputer album "Katalepsy" (CD) 3175 ltd.19 ambient, musique concrete sold out
zxr00000018 Frank Maverick mini-album "Playin' The Fool" (CD) 3175 ltd.18 indy rock, blues sold out
zxr00000022 Sport & Music CDEP "Technika preodoleniya vozrazheniy" (MCD) 3175 ltd.22 idm sold out
zxr00000044 Johnny Dowd poetry-album "More or Less" (CD) 3176 ltd.44 poetry, ambinet sold out
zxr00000020 Tolstoin Oppipakko CDEP "Aaaaniaa" (MCD) 3176 ltd.20 psychedelic trance sold out
zxr00000064 Dmitry Zavalishin album "Fairy Tales" (CD) 3176 ltd.64 electronic, space rock sold out
zxr00000014 Vihr album "SaTiva Ka Sa" (CD) 3176 ltd.14 rhythm&noise sold out
zxr00000026 Jack Sovok album "Jabba" 3177 (CD) ltd.26 blues, psychedelic rock sold out
zxr00000010 Mechanism CDEP "S.S." 3181 (MCD) ltd.10 postindustrial cost: 5 bitcoins / 50000 terracoins / natural exchange